The Arborealists & Other Painters

The Arborealists & Other Painters

Tree Studies and Landscapes seen through the eyes of 28 Fine Artists.

The group of artists known as The Arborealists grew out of the exhibition 'Under the Greenwood: Picturing the British Tree from Constable to Kurt Jackson' which was held in the St. Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, Lymington in 2013. This significant show was celebrated in a superb publication of the same title produced by Sansom & Co. It contains highly informative essays by scholars of both the tree in history and art historians alike, including 'A Short and Selective Survey of the Tree in (mainly British) Art History' by Tim Craven, Curator of Southampton City Art Gallery (2002-08). Tim stood down in 2008 to concentrate on his own painting and founded The Arborealists in 2013 with strong support from other noted artists such as Philippa Beale and Dr Angela Summerfield. A second publication, 'The Arborealists - The Art of the Tree' was also published by Sansom & Co to accompany the exhibition of the same name, again staged at the St. Barbe Museum and Art Gallery in 2016. Featuring some 35 artists, this loose group has now grown to 60 members. It has been labelled one of the most significant artist’s groups to have been formed in Britain in the 21st Century. This exhibition features 21 members of the group plus a further seven top artists introduced to the group by The John Davies Gallery. Most artists are showing more than one work each, resulting in a magnificent and diverse collection well in excess of 75 works celebrating the tree in the British landscape. Gallery Director, John Davies said "These are paintings to truly contemplate. They are works of art that can slow us down. Each artist has given their all mentally and technically to achieving these fine exhibits. I hope that this will be one of the most absorbing exhibitions that we have ever staged at the gallery." Venue Details: John Davies Gallery, 6 Fosseway Business Centre, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire GL56 9NQ, United Kingdom. Date: July 07, 2018 - August 04, 2018. Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm. Category: Arts | Visual Arts | Galleries / Art. Artists / Speakers: Mary Anne Aytoun-Ellis, Richard Bavin, David Tress, Richard Thorn, Fred Schley, John Pearce, Carla Groppi, Miriam Escofet, Sarah Bee, Jacqui Wedlake-Hatton, Lesley Slight, Nick Schlee, Michael Porter, Wladyslaw Mirecki, Fiona McIntyre, Natasha Lien, Mike Holcroft, Kerry Harding, Paul Finn, Simon Dorell, Annabel Cullen, Tim Craven, Lara Cobden, Stella Carr, Claire Cansick, Karen Bowers, Ann Blockley, Philippa Beale. URLs: Facebook: MobileApp: Twitter: Brochure:


07 Jul 2018 - 04 Aug 2018

10:00 am - 5:00 pm.

John Davies Gallery

Jessica Wood

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