Sophie Ryder at Aynhoe Park, Northants.

Sophie Ryder at Aynhoe Park, Northants.

Sophie Ryder at Aynhoe Park, open to the public with private viewings of the house and the exhibition.

Sophie Ryder at Aynhoe Park is to be an exhibition that runs throughout May that will display recent and larger works by Sophie Ryder at Aynhoe Park, a house which has never previously been open to the public and which provides the perfect setting for her work. The garden of the house will be open to the general public on weekends and private viewings of the inside exhibition will be available by appointment at any time. Furthermore, the house will play host throughout the month to various cultural events - classical concerts, jazz concerts, plays, a fashion show, drinks and dinner parties. The idea is primarily to sell Sophie’s sculpture and paintings, but also to launch the house as a venue for such cultural events in the future, and hopefully to become a pioneering centre for the arts in this part of the country.


01 May 2010 - 31 May 2010

All day

Robert Huntington or Catherine Hennessy

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