Kate Brinkworth, All or Nothing

Kate Brinkworth, All or Nothing

Alon Zakaim Fine Art presents a collection of the latest oil paintings by photorealist painter Kate Brinkworth.

Alon Zakaim Fine Art has the pleasure of presenting All or Nothing, a collection of the latest oil paintings by Kate Brinkworth. In her first solo exhibition on Cork Street, Brinkworth presents a series of compelling photorealist paintings which reach to the heart of the glamour and seductive appeal of vice, invoking images of shared temptation and the thrill of risk. Brinkworth’s meticulous, highly detailed compositions draw on the language of photography to create glossy, sleek paintings which capture the allure of the iconic images she represents. Her bright, larger than life canvases draw us into a world of entertainment and desire, inviting us to revel in the vivid symbols of temptation that she presents. While many of the paintings in the exhibition continue to explore Brinkworth’s interest in the oversaturated colours of the gambling table, others open up new avenues for the artist by exploring other iconic imagery of our time. By transforming the photographic imagery of commercial products into unique, painstakingly executed oil paintings, she undermines the language of advertising, and transforms the mass-produced, machine made objects so familiar to us into unique and original works of art. Kate Brinkworth has exhibited widely throughout the UK and the United States since 2001. Stemming from a curiosity in the effects of photography, her colourful still lifes are portrayed in varying degrees of focus. Working with an accomplished hand and a precise technique, Brinkworth skilfully deceives our perception in each of her playful scenes.


21 Sep 2010 - 22 Oct 2010

All day

Ben Springett / Rebecca Mundy

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