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Tarot & Archetypes An Exhibition Sylwia Makris & Tomasz Gornicki

Date: 25 Jan 2019
Time: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm.
Location: The Underdog London
Contact: 07950503990
Full Address:
6 Crucifix Lane, London SE1 3JW, United Kingdom

Both artists are from Poland and work exclusively with The Underdog London in the UK. Tarot & Archetypes is The Underdog's first exhibition of the New Year and will explore the Jungian theory of unconsciousness and the occult traditions of the 18th century Romani people which are becoming part of popular culture today. The opening reception, with live entertainment, will take place on Friday 25th January 2019 from 6pm. All welcome. The exhibition runs from Saturday 26th January to Thursday 28th February 2019. The exhibition is a reinterpretation of archetypes and symbols according to Jungian theory and the Major Acarna cards used in the Tarot. Carl Jung's philosophy focused on our individual psyche and our quest for wholeness; as such archetypes are a collectively-inherited unconscious idea, a pattern of thoughts or images that are universally present in our daily lives. Our unconscious has a dual structure to address - the "bright" constructive and "dark" destructive sides. Although Jung never referred to the Tarot in his writings they both present us with archetypes, bright and dark, that serve as framework for understanding our own psyche and the world at large. The Tarot and archetypes form a dynamic foundation common to all humanity, a foundation of which each individual builds his own experience of life, colouring them with his/hers unique culture, personality and life events. Sylwia Makris and Tomasz Gornicki are prolific artists in their respective fields. You will not see their stunning art work anywhere else in London or indeed the UK. Together they enable us to experience the beauty of dark art! We look forward to welcoming you to The Underdog London. Category: Arts | Visual Arts | Galleries / Art. Sub-Categories: Arts | Visual Arts, Lifestyle | Culture. URLs: Tickets: Facebook:

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