Mr McGarrigle and Ash by Alan Lidster

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TALP Open 2020

Mr McGarrigle and Ash


I would love to know more about this! Who, where, when, how, medium, etc?

Hi Judy, it is a watercolour painted on Arches 140 lbs rough, I was the last resort of a young man who had tried to no avail to have a small and old photograph enlarged, I told him family portraits are not my thing but feel free to send me a copy, on receiving the photograph my wife and I were gobsmacked and I knew I had to have a go, he then told me it was of his wife’s grandfather and it was to be a Christmas present, real pressure! Thankfully when he came with his daughter to collect it they were both really pleased and the recipient even more so as they sent me a video of the opening, the backdrop is Victoria Embankment, Darlington, Uk. Well you did ask. Thank you for the interest. Kind regards, Alan.

As a P.S. I was so pleased with my original effort I painted this one, the commissioned picture is on my Paintersonline page

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Price: £225.00
Size (H x W): 54 x 64 cm
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Alan Lidster

After years away from painting I have finally reactivated myself and studio at East Cowton in North Yorkshire, for a period in the 1990's I successfully exhibited and sold paintings from 'The Nolton Gallery' in Bridgend mid. Glamorgan but through circumstance have not painted for a while, so I was…

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