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The Artist Summer Sketching Competition 2018 - Summer Challenge - Commuters

  • Joanne Duncan-69328

    Joanne Duncan

    the Journey Home

  • Tomasz Mikutel-69259

    Tomasz Mikutel

    London Commuters

  • Alice Roe-69247

    Alice Roe

    Read between the lines

  • Alice Roe-69246

    Alice Roe

    Monday morning catch up.

  • May McArdle-68937

    May McArdle

    Commuters at Barbados Bus Station

  • Karolina Gacke-68831

    Karolina Gacke

    Shoe stories

  • Karolina Gacke-68830

    Karolina Gacke

    On the platform

  • samantha price-68806

    samantha price


  • Mary Garland-68776

    Mary Garland

    worn out

  • Mary Garland-68775

    Mary Garland

    here it comes