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The Artist Summer Sketching Competition 2018 - June Challenge - Sketch Trees

  • sally Sewell-Alger-66855

    sally Sewell-Alger

    Taxus Baccata

  • sally Sewell-Alger-66853

    sally Sewell-Alger

    A likin' for lichens

  • sally Sewell-Alger-66851

    sally Sewell-Alger

    The amputee

  • jennifer Alsop-66806

    jennifer Alsop

    Got it Wright!

  • jennifer Alsop-66804

    jennifer Alsop

    Mr. Wright's Snow Tree

  • jennifer Alsop-66800

    jennifer Alsop

    Mr. Wright's Tree in Summer

  • Thalia Stones-66756

    Thalia Stones

    Tree Study Gozo

  • Pauline Rigby-66730

    Pauline Rigby

    Ash and Lime

  • Elizabeth Del Pino-66663

    Elizabeth Del Pino

    Juniper tree in El Hierro 2, Canary Isles

  • Elizabeth Del Pino-66576

    Elizabeth Del Pino

    Juniper tree in El Hierro - Canary Isles