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Paint your dreams and ideals in watercolour to win one of five copies of 'Paint Yourself Positive' by Jean Haines and Daniel Smith Watercolours

  • stella Bell-80778

    stella Bell

    Sunshine Sea

  • Jennifer Edwards-80711

    Jennifer Edwards

    Keeper of bees

  • Carina Kramer-80417

    Carina Kramer


  • Caitriona Osborne-80159

    Caitriona Osborne

    Sunset over the hills in Galicia, Spain

  • Alison Adams-80152

    Alison Adams

    Mist over Plockton, Wester Ross

  • Brian Nolan-80138

    Brian Nolan

    To be painting on the Grand Canal!

  • Esther Hawke-80132

    Esther Hawke

    Marigot Bay, St Lucia

  • Athina Soultani-79985

    Athina Soultani


  • Chris Tierney-79833

    Chris Tierney

    Fantastic Flowers

  • Nandhini J Prasad-79755

    Nandhini J Prasad

    Tulips by the path