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Leisure Painter and PaintersOnline Anniversary Competitions. December - Paint a Subject that You Love

  • Laura Quinn Harris-56533

    Laura Quinn Harris

    Dylan (my husband)

  • Lisa Bartlett-56532

    Lisa Bartlett

    Colourful Cockerel

  • Martine Croxall-56457

    Martine Croxall

    The Reluctant Sitter

  • Emma P-56421

    Emma P

    Meg and her daughter

  • Janet Humphrey-56419

    Janet Humphrey

    Mysterious Moonlit Wood

  • Kate Sliwka-56417

    Kate Sliwka

    Crouching tiger

  • Alison Perkins-56391

    Alison Perkins

    Sweet Dreams

  • Alexander Kudriavchenko-56261

    Alexander Kudriavchenko


  • Annie Davenport-56253

    Annie Davenport


  • Ingrid Mayes-56178

    Ingrid Mayes

    Perch Rock Lighthouse