Workshop Feedback

Workshop Feedback

Some student comments from previous workshops

Amanda Brett watercolour artist plein air 260218

Hi Amanda! We had a great time too! I had always avoided landscapes or buildings but now I’m finding it fun. I suppose I just didn’t know how to proceed so the 5 big shapes lesson has been invaluable. Also your critique here of your own paintings is really helpful for me. Marie Buchan I have had a great time telling friends about Lucca and the workshop, how pleasant the team and how delightful to go out to a new spot each day after coffee in the piazza. The best, long-term benefit of the time away water-colouring is the determination to find a way to keep going, learn more and produce more, even if it means sacrificing other essentials. Peter Wilkins Hello Amanda lovely to hear from you. I have been thinking of you a lot since your return to NZ. I loved the course and all the situations we sat in to paint. Lucca is very special. I enjoyed everyone's company and the way we all 'gelled'. Thanks to you for your thoughtful ways and the way you looked after us all. Elaine Law I wanted to say a big thank you. The week was magnificent, and although we all got on so well, it was in no small part thanks to you. You have to make things gel, as well as organising it all AND making contingency plans. Well done you. You have the passion, the energy and the right personality, but is still hard work for you even if you don’t see it as work. Elaine Houlton

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