Sitting in the sun.

I spent a lovely day yesterday sitting in warm sunshine ( honest) watching Tibetan monks doing their "thing" . The intention was to sketch, but sitting on a steep bank , contending with wasp stings and the sun in my eyes. ( should coco) I did produce a couple of scribbles . It was an afternoon of joy and gentleness until I spotted the local vicar in large floppy black hat , sunglasses , dog collar AND...oh wait for it SHORTS . Sorry my irreverance shone through .
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It sounds as if you had a magical day. I know little of Tibet other than it had a terrible earthquake and it has monks - very regrettable of me I know.

The whole day was to raise awareness of the plight of Tibet and its people and to help raise money fot the Nepalese earthquake disaster . We were entertained by dancing , music , discussion and the making of Mandalas. These particular monks are exiled in a monestry in India . They travel and through their cultural activities bring knowledge of their plight. . It was a lovely gentle day full of sound and colour . Tibet is a very persecuted country and these people are doing what they can . This particular group have been coming to this area for the last ten years , a lovely day out with a deeper meaning and philosophy. You would have enjoyed it Thea. Apart from the wasps .

I am not quite understanding what a Tibetan monk is doing teaching painting??? I'm fascinated - please explain more about what was going on.