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THE SWINLEY GROUP Statement The Swinley Group is an Art movement formed in 2017 by 3 artists (one an ex practitioner), which will be organising a series of exhibitions which give opportunity to the many painters and sculptors who have seen their work constantly rejected, not because it lacks technical ability or substance, but because of the many trendy, fashion following curators of our galleries who deem it unfashionable or not “innovative” enough. Our exhibitions will seek to restore at least some of the balance in favour of artists who are unable to get their work exhibited. We do not intend it to be an open door to mediocrity and kitsch, but will set high standards of criteria before any works are considered. It will be judged by a panel of experts with experience in both practice and theory. Our criteria for judging paintings and sculpture are: 1. The work must demonstrate a high degree of technical ability and skill. 2. It must be representative and figurative. No abstract or “conceptual” work will be considered. 3. Media used must be fairly traditional e.g. oils, watercolours, acrylics, tempera, drawing media such as pastels, pen & ink, and for sculpture it must involve direct working by the artist. 3. It must be the work of the artist, no collaboration is permitted. 4. Size limitations will be determined by the organisers for each exhibition. For further information please contact: [email protected] or telephone 07788 181750
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Thank you for your comment John Inkson. To clear things up The Swinley Group is a collective of nearly 40 artists, who we try our best to help promote and encourage their work. We do this mainly by organising exhibitions and promoting their work online and also through social events in Wigan mainly. Yes we help artists sell their work if they wish to, that is their choice, which you seem to think is wrong for some reason. Perhaps you are very wealthy and have no need to sell your art, sadly the majority of us are not so fortunate, but it is spiteful and ignorant of you to suggest that we are "selfish". We are at a loss to understand how we are "selfish", but you are entitled to your opinion and we hope that you will come to realise that our aim is to support artists, no gain involved in fact. Good luck with your own work and good wishes to you.

The bottom line is you are using POL for your own interest and nothing else. Thats what is called SELFISH. In the end that is self defeating.

Thank you Sylvia and Alan, you're comments are noted and while we will endeavour to do better, and yes supply more information in future, our time and resources are limited. We hope you will still enjoy the many fine works displayed on the site nonetheless but for greater depth on detail etc. it is best to go to the artist's own websites via 'Google' for example.

I imagine that working as a 'third party', the artists in question don't actually get to see our comments. Obviously you can give us certain information such as size etc, but you can't of course speak for the artist. This will, as Sylvia has pointed out, eventually become one-way traffic and won't suit everyone who comments, me included, as I do like some level of interaction. There may not be any way that this can happen, I don't know. I have approached the issue of furnishing more basic information such as size and medium etc. (on my recent comment on a posting), I can't see any viable reason why you would not want to supply this. That being said, it is a common occurrence by many of the members. You have submitted many interesting works by some talented artists. There are also many talented artist's on this site, so any addition to that is always welcome.

Not quite sure what your “Statement” is telling us in this context. . Yes we do all make mistakes...on both sides. . It would be good to start again. Brian did ask a question which I would also be nterested in an size, medium ,something about the artist. Some interaction. I have left positive comments on paintings from your group with no response at all. It isn’t manadatory and you are not alone. But personally if I don’t get a response I usually pass that artist over on later postings. Otherwise it’s a one way conversation l . Part of the pleasure this site is the interaction, a bit of banter and a respect for other artists.... not always the case admittedly , but generally.

Thank you Brian. Please feel free to ask any question concerning specific works, sorry if we appear 'aloof' that is not the intention.

Are the artists aware that their work is currently being posted at PAINTERSONLINE or are you acting on their behalf with a permanent green light? I only ask because I rarely, if ever, see an explanation of the posted works, including size, medium, intent etc. Furthermore, I have yet to see a response from any of the artists, when members make constructive comments about their work. It's no big deal, really, but if they aren't reading the comments there's no point in writing them. Might I also just say, with some trepidation, that The Swinley Group voice comes across as a bit aloof. Shame, I think. If I am in error please accept my apology. Brian

Many thanks for your comment which though mostly inaccurate and rather vindictive, is I'm sure, heartfelt. Of course you are entitled to your opinions but we do our utmost in our Swinley Group to support, encourage and promote the work of dozens of artists at no financial gain. We have a total commitment to furthering the cause of Art and the many artists which we are all devoted to. We don't expect you to agree or like us, but we do our best and yes we made one mistake that we acknowledge and apologise for in fact. Nevertheless very best wishes to you and good luck with your own paintings!

Which means you won't mistakenly post photographs in the gallery and then say we artists are wrong in our views stating it is a photo and then saying we've insulted the artist. Then taking the said photo down and not apologising in your error. You haven't done the very talented artist any justice. Just saying really