The Making of My Artwork The Wave

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The Making of My Artwork The Wave

Progression steps showing the making of my artwork "The Wave" Oil on Panel 90cm x 60cm

I work on 6mm MDF which has a minimum of 4 coats of white gesso on before I start painting it. The back of the MDF is sealed with a PVA and water solution. The painting is done in layers. This requires a lot of patience, because a new layer is not started until the previous layer is dry. To help speed up the process I use the medium Liquin (which also adds a gloss to the artwork)... patience is the key with my style of painting, especially as I like to add plenty of detail, most of my artworks are done over a period of time of about two weeks, although some can take months.


Beautiful colours on that wave.

I'm none the wiser but it's amazing to see the process. Thank you.

Thanks Margaret ;0) cheers, Paul

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