The Making of My Artwork Sun King

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The Making of My Artwork Sun King

Showing some of the progression steps I did to produce my artwork "Sun King" Oil on Panel 90cm x 60cm

The painting is done in layers. This requires a lot of patience, because a new layer is not started until the previous layer is dry. To help speed up the process I use the medium Liquin (which also adds a gloss to the work). Parts of the painting are "stippled" and then "blended" using a Badger hair brush... the technique has been used by "Dutch Masters" over the years both past and present... patience is the key with this technique, most of my artworks are done over a period of time of about two weeks, although some can take months.


Great painting, it's always interesting to read how other people paint. Thanks.

Thanks Margaret, I very much appreciate your feedback on my artwork... glad you like them ;0) cheers, Paul

I always love your beautiful paintings Paul, and it was interesting to see how you complete a piece.

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