Sylvie stuff

Sylvie stuff

Artist tutor

Hi This is very new to me, having a blog! I've never joined in one before, so I'm jumping straight in and starting my own. I paint in a variety of mediums but mostly in watercolour and acrylics. I work on a variety of subjects but really enjoy painting wildlife and animals generally. I teach art locally to where I live, currently having three classes and one other in a corporate organisation (Fords) for a group of their employees on their 'EDAP' programme. I'm looking to expand my teaching in September by adding two more classes and also providing demonstrations to art groups, initially around Essex. I'm also secretary of Thurrock Art Society. I'm just in the process of negotiating a line and wash demo/workshop for an group in Benfleet which I'm really looking forward to. I'd welcome comments from anyone reading this, who would like to discuss their art work with me and who might be interested in knowing what I'm doing with my art groups and my own art work.
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Will do we are just back from a visit to Guernsey...many images for another painting...

Hi Phil, :) Thanks for your concern. I have just had Christmas and then family from the UK my usual routine has been altered. Now normal service will be resumed :) Had a lie in this morning (Sunday) so just surfacing listening to some music before my museli. I will hopefully be better with my blog this year...have a great spring weekend Phil ~ Anni

Hi Anni~ welcome back...

Hi Sylvia, Yes I envy you in springtime up there. Here in the garden the roses are still in bud, with autumn crocuses, lilies, sedum and nerines out. The nasturtiums are still flowering madly too. The mountain ash is heavy with bright scarlet berries and blackbirds are enjoying wrenching them off with their yellow beaks. Brulee...Mmmmmm such ecstasy....I would love one of those little welding torches one day. I think it is the thrill of tapping that hard burnt sugar with the spoon, making it crack. It reminds me of being a child...walking to school in England during the middle of winter and trying to smash the iced paddles with my feet. Musel is the best start to the day...enjoy ;) ~ Anni

Hi Anni.... we are so lucky our Spring/ summer is (almost) about to begin. I adore Creme brulee specialy apricots. Am just about to have my breakfast Museli.