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One should ALWAYS give credit to the artist whose work is being copied. If not, it is Plagiarism.

I have just seen several paintings here which are blatant copies of the work of a world famous artist. NO credit was given to the original artist of the work. The copycat knows this is wrong, but still persists doing it. Should this be allowed to continue here?


I think that the offending person has now removed herself and her copies fron POL. Hurray!

Thank you for your informative comments, Linda. I agree with you entirely. We all learn by copying. It starts from birth after all. The great Masters of Art had their students to copy their works and today, online schools teach their students to copy them. All well and good so far. It's the way we all learn. However, when an art teacher does not say that she has copied her work from another much-in-demand popular artist, I think that morally and legally this must be wrong? I am a member of online schools at present, taking the opportunity of lockdown to study different art styles eg. Botanical Art. I credit Anna Mason and Billy Showell with any projects of theirs that I have tried. I wouldn't dream of claiming to be an Art Teacher, however and then show my copied work without crediting the original artist for it. This surely is illegal as well as immoral?

I have been having further thoughts on your post. Do you mean morally wrong or legally wrong? Copying old masters is not wrong in any way, except where the copyright of the photograph of the work is owned by someone or if it is done for an academic qualification and passed of as original work. Even then copyright law is different in USA for example, where it does not cover photographs. Copying others photos really annoys me, as it is often breach of copyright.

I always credit the original artist if I have copied them. However copyright runs out after the artist has been dead for 50 years. I have seen people selling bad copies of masters' work on Etsy. Bad practice, but quite legal. There is a lot to be learned, by copying the the old masters. There is even a proviso in copyright law for educational purposes.

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