Painting keeps me sane...sort of!!

Painting keeps me sane...sort of!!

Life Clases

Hallo all to all Arty Folks. I am a Disabled Lady Artist beavering away at home, painting most days, since i cannot work now due to ill health. Painting keeps me sane and calm..and i feel i have "Achieved Something"..even if the painting turns out to be terrible (in my opinion). I am loving working in Acrylics (again).Got a teaching dvd by Hashim Akib and am experimenting with style an colour..and quite liking some of the results. Am off to a life painting class on Saturday 17/11/ excited and anxious and a bit daunted all at the same time. It s an all day session with a Professional Artist. Have experimented with reflections in water (Used ref photos i took myself) Also Backlit trees and salt marsh landscapes. Have just taken some photos of " Me" for self portrait attempts (also have large mirror). Will sort out technicalities of loading photos onto laptop soon, am not really tech savvy enough to do it myself. Am also using old printed canvas' from charity shops to reuse and practice on. Some landscape/still life. Am really spoilt for subject matter.. i live in the Beautifull County of Norfolk. Am using a sketchbook regulary, which now permanently resides in the car dash...just in case i see something good when i'm out and about.... will let you know how i get on at the LIfe Painting Day.
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I know what you mean the closest to art this week was packing up some paintings for an exhibition...and gessoing a batch of canvases...not even had time to stretch them either...the garden...the sun was shining...

Hi Carol yes it is addictive isn't it...I have only been on the site for about 6 months and it's wonderful...I havn't painted since the 80's and it's a whole new learning curve but great therapy...avery thing goes away when one paints

Yes, I also get " twitchy " if I haven't painted for a day or two. They don't always turn out right, especially the watercolours, but it's fun striving for that elusive masterpiece. One day...maybe...!!

Am new to this site but i too am finding painting addictive and it was through another addiction problem in the family that I discovered art - the silver lining as they say.Norah