Failed artist!

Hi, I am an astrophotographer who has always had an unhealthy interest in art. I think thats why I got into photography..... Anyhow, this is supposed to try and document my attempts at painting with acrylics. You may wonder why, well I enjoy painting with oils, especially the Bill Alexander / Bob Ross Wet on Wet technique. Please feel free to post any comments / suggestions as I need all the encouragement I can get. Happy painting everyone...... On yeah, if anyone would like to see my photographs, then they are on my website at : My avatar is actually the telescope setup I use to image the solar system and deep space.
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Hi Kate, I have to admit, even as a newcomer to the blogging fraternity, it's addictive. I made the mistake of posting up to date images of 'work in progress', good idea? maybe not, this way I am oath-bound to finish the damned things off, even if I have lost all motivation in the matter and they can't end up in the bin or get gessoed over. But I suppose ultimately it's worthwhile, as you say - it does keep that procrastination in check...

Hiya Katie............welcome too the to the whole thing myself.....have set myself a goal too do at least two-three post a far so good............ I love self St Ives......look forward too seeing your sketching take care........

Glad you missed the heatwave it started on boxing day here in the West but of course before we send it over the Nullarbor it has heated up even more...I would have given my eye teeth to throw a snow's not good weather for painting it exhausts me...the fires were awful almost soul destroying...we had Kings Park alight so badly that UWA was at has cooled down somewhat for the moment but fire I'm afraid is always a great fear at this time of the year...we live in the burbs just 10-15 minutes out of the city but last March someone set alight to the golf course across the road and we got a ceiling fire which took 3 months to put right...they caught the burger that night wish I could get my hands on him...hope your family in Oz are safe from fires enjoy your weekend sounds great

Thank you Phil and Patsy. Patsy, I was at home over the Christmas period and it was lovely to be warm but not a traditional hot Christmas! I did miss the heatwave and the subsequent fires, which worried me so much and I do hope all your family are okay. I hope that the weather will be come milder for you soon and you can get some energy back to paint more. I've managed to put a few pictures in my "gallery" that I did over Christmas in Victoria. Unfortunately there were not many days over five weeks that I managed to slow down enough to take time sketching, I'm hoping my upcoming weekend in St Ives will be more productive. Bests Kate

Yes I'm here and It's 1.30 am and it's hot just waiting for the first lucky you are to see the Thames from your bedroom window...inspiration what is that...I feel it might be something to do with the weather you are cold I'm hot a lot of people are complaining in both hemispheres about the lack of inspiration...painted like mad until the new year then it came 40 since then we have had little I'm not pushing I'll wait until the heat has eased...this is a great site if you go to the gallery and look at some of the portfolios just lovely...that's where I've been tonight...will talk to you again goodnight

Welcome to this twilight world...look out for WA Patsy...she is a fabulous night-owl...