My Life as an Artist on a Greek Island

My Life as an Artist on a Greek Island

This blog is a review of the free story about an Artist on a Greek Island. The story told in 'parts' is published every wednesday on: It already has 855 readers and is up to part Six. The story is peppered with humour and real life encounters and quite a few surprises. It starts in 1988 onwards
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We do enjoy getting your comments from australia. Glad to hear your back is improving it must be very worrying for you, we are always here to listen. I know what you mean about dashing outside to take a picture we have done it many a time to catch the sunrise or sunset or a cloud formation before it disappears. Betty will try & download your sky picture for me if she can't we will let you know.xx

Congratulations on your win with your flowers...I think according to our TV forecast the snow will be a bit wild for a wild I hope for all your sakes that it is wrong...just loved the daff...if you want to paint that cloud please do...I thought it was lovely and got outside quite quickly with the camera because those sort of things have a habit of disappearing here very fast...if you need a better photo or ond you can download i'll upsize it and send it to you...Sylvia was kind enough to do that for me with her winter sunrise which i'll get devoloped this week...I think the loose quality of that type of painting will get me going again...going through a fear stage...every little brushstroke has to be perfect and that's no good...back is on the mend now now screaming anymore much to my hubby's relief...keep warm and safe in that weather indoors is probably the best place to be

Glad you liked the daffodil, our leaves are showing through on our daffodils & the same with the snowdrops lets hope that the snow we had today doesn't kill them off. We both will be glad when spring is here when they all start to show colour. Will post another photo of flowers from our garden that we entered in our local show last year & won certificates for, so look out for them in the coming week.

Thankyou Max so much that is a beautiful flower I love Daffs we tried to grow them here but although we get the leaves no flower appears...I planted some Bluebells and the first year looked promising but now the same as the we had Snowdrops appear from nowhere in the front garden under a fig tree and I get heaps of them I like to bring them in and put them in a vase with some Lavander and they last ages...I might take up the Bluebells and Daffs and put the bulbs with the Snowdrops might be more successful...thankyou again Max and love to Betty...visited your's and Betty's gallery today just lovely for both of you