My first year of painting since retiring.

My first year of painting since retiring.

A summary of my first year of retirement.

After many years of inactivity (13 to be precise!) I finally came home in June last year and decided to pick up my brushes again. Early retirement beckoned and I always promised myself that I would return to my art. The years that all my equipment was in storage wasn't kind to it at all. It was mostly my own fault because my shed in the garden (or atelier as my mother-in-law grandly called it) eventually succumbed to the elements and I had to find somewhere else to store it all. The old greenhouse was requisitioned and there everything stayed until June last year. Needless to say, pretty much everything was ruined. This has meant an expensive time to replace everything. With a modest pension I've managed to replace all my watercolour gear, but last week I decided to have a clear-out on eBay. I'm glad to say that I managed to realise quite a substantial amount of money that has now been channeled into replacing my Artisan oils, my Pastels and grounds, and a medium I've always shied away from but wanted to try..... Acrylics. I'll let you know in due course how I get on with them in another blog. I have now taken over a spare bedroom and converted it into a studio. The window faces almost due South, so I get good light for a good part of the day. I'm living with jigsaws and other stuff in there, but at least I have somewhere that I can walk away from and just shut the door! I did make a resolution to do more En Plein Air work this year, but so far I've only managed one sketching outing. It is difficult with other people in tow because they don't want to sit around for hours, particularly if the sun isn't shining! Perhaps when the weather finally warms up I'll be able to do more. Anyway. Here's to, hopefully, a decent Summer and plenty of opportunity to get outdoors. Happy painting everyone. All the Best Pete
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Good luck Pete - rather like me in retiring early and in the equipment/paints being care-worn but my difference is the stuff was mainly bought by and for my wife and is (or was) mainly acrylics. I have found that, even with new paint, it dries a little quickly for my taste. Of course you can get extenders (and I have but often forget while engrossed). Here in Central Scotland and in my sun-trap of a workshop/shed we get hot one minute and freezing the next which doesn't help. I hope you enjoy it all as much as I do (now equal fun for me with spannering and tech-fixing).

Welcome to the world of happiness.. You dared to pursue art again that will heal everything... Stay Blessed..

Lovely as always to hear from other artists Pete. It's lovely that you can now concentrate on your art. Such a shame so much of your materials were ruined. Expensive lesson to learn. However you won't need to store them away anymore as you will be using them. Hope you get great pleasure from your hobby. I suggest you look frequently on the gallery here as artists are continually downloading (or is it uploading) their work. You'll get great inspiration and encouragement when you put your own paintings on. Looking forward to seeing your work.

Great blog post peter keep them coming. Likewise I wish you enjoyable painting. I too have stored stuff away in the past and made similar mistakes and found it be ruined on retrieving it. I'm not confident enough to be honest to paint outdoors and much prefer painting at home where I now have everything together close to hand. Look forward to seeing the results of your efforts in due course