My creative journey so far

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My creative journey so far

A year in the life of me - this blog covers March - May 2020

Swan Pond Sketch

Last year was a very strange and wonderful year for me. You see, I got married on leap day, 29th February, we went on our honeymoon to the North of Scotland, returned home and within days the UK went into a national lockdown. March and April were a whirlwind of readjusting personally, but also helping to lead a team of 60 people adjust to the unknown circumstances we now found ourselves in with working from home. Then came last May, working in the aviation industry, I was informed that I would be furloughed, along with many work colleagues, indefinitely. 'What now?' I thought. I had been working flat out, days, weekends for this company for ten years and all of a sudden found myself, adrift. The answer came from the most unexpected place. We were walking Buckley the beagle one evening along the beach and there was the most glorious sunset, and I turned to my husband and said "you know, I would love to be able to paint that." Not one to do anything by half, my husband busied himself ordering me paints, an easel, some sketch pads and drawing pencils that very evening. Now don't get me wrong, when the materials arrived the last thing I was going to attempt was one of those glorious sunsets over the Clyde of Firth, to this day they still intimidate me. However, I did start by sketching everyday. Here is one of my very first sketches. Fairly basic, yes, perspective kind of wrong, absolutely and it would be a while yet before I would put paintbrush to canvas, however I look fondly over my sketch book from last May and appreciate that art came into my life at the exact moment that I needed it to. Carrie x


I don't check the blog section very often....enjoyed reading this, Carrie. You have a nice style. Will look out for your work on the gallery . Sounds like you have an emotional response to what you'd like to paint. I am the same...the way light falls on something, it needn't be anything " special" but light can transform things. Good luck and much enjoyment on your art journey!

Nice story Carrie - congrats on your marriage and keep enjoying doing your artwork!

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