My creative journey so far

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My creative journey so far

A year in the life of me - this blog covers June 2020


I enjoyed travelling around my local area on my bike, looking for items to sketch, I am lucky enough to live on a grounds of a country park, so had no shortage of things to sketch. I did however feel a little bit stuck in my artistic development, therefore I was also searching for new sources and potential guides that I could use to widen my horizons, and help me develop my drawing skills further. Last June we were very much still in the middle of a full lockdown, so art groups, and in person teaching was not an option. This is when I discovered art tutorials on Youtube, which have since become a great source of inspiration and advice in my development as an artist. One of my favourite videos is one by Peter Sheeler, titled How to Draw and Paint a Country Mailbox, Line and Wash Watercolour. I thoroughly enjoyed creating the piece as the video walked me through it and I was very pleased with the result. I opted not to add the watercolour, as I didn't put paint to paper until July, but this little line sketch hangs very proudly in a dinky ikea frame in my husbands office.


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