My 10th art exhibition (and 2nd in Gujerat's capital city Ahmedabad) at Gufa, March 2016

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My 10th art exhibition (and 2nd in Gujerat's capital city Ahmedabad) at Gufa, March 2016

My 10th art exhibition and 2nd in Gujerat's capital city Ahmedabad at Gufa, I would like to put up more visuals but could not find out how to do it.

The Gufa show (the best gallery in town in terms of location, footfalls etc) was a success. We had excellent media coverage and footfall daily over the week. Ofcourse good sales helped the NGO which we supported. This is an edited version my Thank You Speech to the over 120 guests at the inauguration on 06th March. This exhibition is different. I usually exhibit with 3 or 4 artists – painters. This time Mala Kothari has her unique collages of semi precious stones. She enjoys jewellery designing and art and in this medium, she has found her exclusive niche. Darshan Mehta normally sells diamonds but is now seriously thinking of retiring to pursue his hobby of architectural photography. We don’t have catalogues, brochures or convoluted text explaining our work. We let it speak for itself. There is a brilliant article in the British Sunday Times Culture Section on the weird language of the art world, even if nobody is absolutely sure of what it means. International Art English apparently rebukes ordinary English for its lack of nouns. It sounds like inexpertly translated French. Those who buy a painting will get a complimentary copy of this article from us. You will appreciate and enjoy it. We supported an NGO called Prabhat. There exists a particular breed of people who give their lives for the common man. It’s something I admire. I could not do it. We have spent our lives in the corporate world striving to achieve whatever we had in our minds for our children. Those who work in NGO’s such as Prabhat must also have similar aspirations but the way they live and work and achieve, beats our achievements by far. Theirs is a hard life. On a clear winter day, 21st January 2016, as the Australians say, I went on a walkabout with Keshav in various slums of Ahmedabad. I am sure many of us have never ventured into those slums. I can only say that they deserve our fullest support. We have committed 30% of sales to the NGO. Please look at each piece carefully. I would urge you not to think “where shall we put this piece up?” I need you to think – “Yes, I like it and I will find a place for it - may be at home or office or I can even gift it to a close friend”..Go surprise yourself. When did you last gift yourself something unusual ? We have purposely kept affordable rates so that you feel happy when you buy our works. So enjoy the paintings. Do remember that every purchase leads to a donation to a really good cause. You make a DIRECT PAYMENT to the NGO thus ensuring total transparency. You also get a Tax Benefit certificate from them. That’s the icing on the cake! Have fun. Ask questions from any of us. The rate card shows two amounts – for the NGO and for the artist. We artists are willing to negotiate our rate but please respect the amount for Prabhat as that’s non-negotiable. Let tomorrow be as popular as today. Tell your friends to come too. Thank you for coming.


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