Monika Kamola Fine Art

Monika Kamola Fine Art

Fine Art

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Hey Ann just dropped into your lovely web site your work is just do your hands hold up? there's a lot of intricate work i've left a message for you on your web

Hi Ann thanks for your blog Hilarys is lovely we are south of the river in Leeming it's a nice spot with quick travel into the city and's funny here most people either live north or south of the river and seldom move from the divide it's nice to have a picture hanging in the other side of the world...if you ever come down this way again let me know we could maybe meet in the city for a coffee

hiya the picture of the off for a look at your web site......

Hi Ann I am going to look at your web on the tiaras the one in the photo is beatifull..i'm hoping that sometime not too far away daughter will tie the knot..they don't seem to worry too much about marriage these daughter and many of her friends have good jobs and are buying their own homes..they all have boyfriends but the young men don't seem to grow up as quickly as the girls..or maybe we raised very independant girls