looking forward to the next exhibition

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looking forward to the next exhibition

Foxlowe arts centre newsletter

I featured in the Foxlowe arts centre newsletter, as my exhibition was extended for a short while. I now have all the unsold pictures at home, wondering what to do with them, the little ones were presented to me in a bin bag, a perfectly acceptable method of conveyance from the gallery, but it did cause me a moment of reflection. I'm sure we all look at pictures we have done in the past and have mixed feelings about them, some still look good but most of them you look at and feel that you have moved on hopefully for the better. Nearly all of the pictures in the show were done several months ago. I know people who have a fixed amount of boards who overpaint them when they get to the end and they have not sold, i'm not sure I could paint with that amount of detachment. Its all easy to get emotionally attached to images, to see a value in them and and want to keep them, It's good job I have so many A2 folders.

Sounds like you are doing well Justin, despite the bin bag which made me smile! Good luck with your exhibitions and selling. I think many of us are in the same boat as regards building up a stash of paintings which don’t seem to want to leave home! The re-use of old surfaces is a good one and does make you see how you’ve hopefully progressed.

If I didn't overpaint my old paintings I'd be swamped. Not so much a matter of detachment as one of necessity!

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