Life, art and Parkinson's disease

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Life, art and Parkinson's disease

My story of how I found art through a Parkinson's diagnosis.

I am 56 year's old and was diagnosed with Parkinson's at the age of 49 after 8 years of minor symptoms which I passed of as getting older. Up till then I my last attempt at painting/ drawing was secondary school in the 1970s. After my Parkinson's diagnosis in 2013, I read an article about how art can help people with Parkinson's improve symptoms, such as coordination, mentally health and protecting the brain function. That was the start of my life as an artist. During my 2nd year as an artist I was asked by a friend if I would like to try and sell some of my paintings at a local breast cancer awareness event with the money going to a local breast cancer charity, I sold 3 paintings and raised £60 for the charity. It was great to help people with cancer, and it gave me confidence in continuing my art journey. ( To be continued)


"I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PD) more than 6 years ago. The tremors started affecting my left hand at first, 3 years later it affected my left leg causing me to walk funny( jerking movements) every time.  I was taking levodopa/ cabridopa. In April 2017, I had deep brain stimulation (DBS) procedure done. DBS helps me tremendously but I still have to take levodopa/cabridopa 3 times a day, maximum dose: 25 mg/100mg x2 . I try amantadine but no help. I was approved by my neurologist to try feasible alternatives to my current prescribed medication in the hope of improving my quality of life. and I have to say this natural treatment is a 100% game changer for anyone with PD. It has been a complete turnaround with my balance, mobility,double vision, swollen feet, speech and tremors this is the best that I've felt in years. VISIT www. kycuyuhealthclinic. com Thank You Kycuyu.I have stop taking levodopa completely for several months, at least 7 months now, and still feel great.”

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