Jackson Art Competition

Jackson Art Competition


This painting has made the long list
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Just seen this Dennis. Beautiful.

Dennis, congratulations, well deserved. I never enter competitions. For me it's like trying to win the lottery. I don't play that either.

Posted on Fri 23 Jun 21:32:13

Many thanks Dennis and Chandra very much appreciated indeed

Hi Dennis hope your well mate

Dennis...Have only just seen this as I have not been on site for a while....Many Congratulations!!!!!

Yes superb work to compete with Gudrun

I had a look at the long list. You're in very good company. Well deserved achievement, Dennis.

Many thanks Fiona yes do Alan well done and Adele it's a small step for man

Why should you be embarrassed to win Dennis? You have as much right as anyone. Go for it! Good luck.

So it should, I'm not surprised Dennis, I must have missed that comp, but I have had an oil accepted for this year's Patchings so may flag it up on here.

Well done Dennis...it's got winner written all over it!! Good luck!

Well done, Dennis, it's a lovely painting.

I would be embarrassed to win to be honest. Many thanks Christine

Congratlation Dennis, very well deserved. Good luck!

Well a long way to go yet and I have never won any thing yet and many great painting but I am very pleased and all are so kind

Congratulations and good luck

Well done, fabulous!

Well done Dennis. Really love your work!

Well done Dennis. You know I'm a fan ! Diana

Congratulations Dennis, thoroughly deserved.