It's all about me

It's all about me

My start into blogging

I am not much of a talker usually so I find doing a blog difficult and I am sure I am not the only one. So here goes .... I don't only paint in one medium I like to look at my subject and let it tell me how to paint it, sometimes I feel like doing a watercolour but my subject says oil, well it's no good me fighting it as I am never satisfied if I do, therefore it is either get out the oils or find another subject (generally the easiest as I have so many that I want to paint) or turn to something different altogether and use acrylics. Today it is .......... Off to Patchings ... now I will just get my small sketchbook and a pen

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Well back from Patchings pounds lighter, just wish it were off the hips but then more fun out of the purse. Lots of lovely things to look at and buy, demos to watch plus pimms in one hand and an ice cream in the other what more could one wish for.

Hello Leslie. I paint in watercolours. And yes they can be unpredictable but I like the loose style that watercolour gives. I've learned along the way not to beat myself up when to my mind it goes wrong...sometimes they turn out to be happy accidents. You must go with your gut and paint what you feel is right for you, and most of all enjoy doing it. I too was at Patchings art festival this morning.......spent too much but got what I wanted. Hope you enjoyed it and got some inspiration.

I agree Leslie, that it is no use fighting it! To produce a good painting you have to really want to do it. I started art using traditional oils and loved them, but they took too long to dry so I have changed mainly to open acrylics because they allow me to work slowly, which I love to do. However, I have been trying to crack watercolour but you have to work quickly with that medium. So I beat myself up about it and quickly try a watercolour, in order to get it over with. That is not the way to enjoy painting. So now I am, more or less, sticking to what I know, because I enjoy it. What more can you ask? By the way, you may wish to also try the Forum, where you can read interesting items and join in, should you wish to do so, there's no pressure.