Inspired Painter

Inspired Painter

Painting novice

I have only been panting for 2 years and my tutor has brought out a hidden talent which I never knew I had. Have always wanted to paint and my late father was a very good artist. So 2 years ago I started one to one lessons with Susan Trentham from Derby and wow!! Majority of paintings I have done under under help, but some on my own, with a little bit of help. My latest in acrylic is the shack
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Hi Sylvia congratulations but where do I find the info on the Forum I can't find a thing

Our garden is for the wild life too & they make use of it & give us so much pleasure. We have left a comment on your gallery about your iris's.......we to have iris's out they are so majestic. We have a lot of baby birds at the moment mummy & daddy are feeding them the babies alway's look like they are shivering.

Hi Sylvia I saw your Irises on the gallery and left a comment...lovely one of my favourite flowers...I agree with you about gardens apart from a bit of fertiliser...sheep poo...we put nothing on the garden I pick the weeds out if they get out of hand...we were losing out birds because of all the junk on gardens making their egg shells we have lots of birds visit...they get cheeky too...we have a Numbat in the garden...I thought it was a rat at first but watching it out of the bedroom window feed on some berries I realised what it was...Daughter was telling me tonight that last night when she was leaving that there was a Kangaroo at the bottom of the drive...must have escaped from the golf course...the Ravens here are a scream with the fruit they eat the insides and leave a perfectly round skin and they get peach stones and drop them on the road from a great height to break them open...I love watching them...are the Poppies next?