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Watercolour Challenge Winner looking for Art Groups in the Midlands for Demonstration Opportunities.

After an almost-complete absence from the watercolour demonstration scene lately, I find that I am now able to resume the role of travelling demonstrator to art societies and clubs in the Midlands. I have looked in vain for a comprehensive list of societies, especially within a fifty or so mile radius of Coventry, which is where I live. If you know of such a directory or belong to an art group or society and would like to know more, please email me at [email protected] or leave your reply here. My fee of £130 includes travel within the stated radius and covers the standard three hour meet with half hour break for a chat over a cup of tea. I also sell unframed work on the day and network with members from neighbouring art societies. The painting shown here is one I did recently at Tong Church in Shropshire and will feature in an exhibition next year at the Granary Art Gallery at Weston Park also in Shropshire.

Rupert, the SAA (society for all artists) has a community page, if you put Coventry in the search box it will bring up the ones that they are aware of. I did a quick search at a distance of fifty miles and it lists around 73 groups. It may give you a starting point, hope this info helps. Fiona

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