France Painting Holiday

France Painting Holiday

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France Painting holiday - Bandouille in western France - a perfect location to go to for a painting holiday with a difference. Stay in our 12th Century monastery that we have renovated over the last 4 years and enjoy full board accommodation with all bedrooms ensuite. We have just arranged to have Keiko Tanabe - a lovely artist from California - come over to run a workshop in April 15th-22nd 2012 and do demonstrations. For more information on her work and style visit her page on our website and keep updated with our life at Bandouille on our blogspot on If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us B
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Hi Maureen glad you had a nice time away but you seem to be straight back into it with exhibitions very busy lady which is the best way to be isn't it...thank you for your message it was very nice to hear from you Ive missed our talks...we have been watching with horror the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket players just awful seems the Oz Government made the right decision in stopping their last tour...the weather is cooling down a bit now the nights are cooler so I'm starting to get my enthusiasm back for painting and about time too will talk later good luck with your exhibition

Hey Ian we will win them back I'll make sure of it...Hi Maureen hope your time away has been good...I just went into my portfolio and I noticed that you asked what season the pastel was...well here in Oz that's high summer every thing dry and golden...that was a lucky shot and I can't remember taking it...I know I took it with my trusty Cannon Sure Shot because I was the only one who ever took photos...that great camera bought in Singapore lasted me more than 20 years before it broke...took great snaps with such ease

Hi Maureen, cheers for reminding me of the things about the British Spring that I do miss... snowdrops, the first daffodils, the first lambs, primroses... the problem is it all happens so fast, so when I get home it's all blooming (and then I'm wondering what to do with it), but thanks for the image of the snowdrops... and by the way, Bless you Pasty for your Ashes comment!!!

Hi me again glad you knew the cricket thing I thought it was great...we love it it's Hubby's thing and I got to love it by accident...have been to the WACA often first time when Denis Lilly was young against the West Indies what a firecracker of a match...don't know what's happening in Oz don't think they have been bringing their young fellas along into the a bit smug me thinks...mind you I always support the England side hope they get the ashes back

Hi Maureen thanks so much for the Snow Drops beautiful arn't to Emu Oil yes it's true it is not from wild Emus but farmed birds the meat also appears in some restaurants...the oil is fantastic for arthritis my old neighbour swore by it...if you can get it in UK check the actual Emu Oil content on the blurb on the bottle...sometimes one can be ripped off by some drug companies...just make sure it's nearly does can also be found in some face creams and body creams and it's lovely I have some and it's not greasy goes straight in to the crevices...we can get it quite cheap say $20 for face cream...we are expecting 40 tomorrow must watch out for the firebugs...we are all paranoid now...I'm sure I've visited your gallery Maureen...if not I will do you go under Maureen Lowe sometimes when you type a name in it comes up negative so I look through the portfolios which are in alphabetical order but it's slow going there are 90 odd pages...hope the Emu oil works for you keep warm

Well I'm here...