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For Gudrun

Hi Gudrun you asked about my un-stretched canvas


This is the only way I could think of to show you, I literally cut pieces of canvas to size and then use steel drawing board clips at the top and tape on the sides to hold it in place. When I do this with cartridge and it gets very wet as in my ink & Stuff pictures the paper needs to be refixed as it stretches. The benefit of using canvas is that it doesn't stretch or buckle. Usually knock together stretchers in the size I want and then lightly draw around it so I keep within the boundaries of the size I want. This means I can stretch it afterwards, or fix it to a board as well I suppose. It saves space and means that when I choose to rework its a quick task to fasten it back to the board


Thank you Justin. That's very helpful. I like your framing as well. I shall see how confident I can be about making my own stretchers etc!

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