Exploring Animal Illustration

Exploring Animal Illustration

Illustrating a friend's proposed book.

Exploring Animal Illustration A friend of mine living in the village has asked me to illustrate a monthly article he writes for a local parish magazine. I think the plan might be to produce a calendar. Animals and birds don’t normally figure in my normal subject matter, but I thought, ‘why not’. So I have been trying out a few sketches of animals and birds, just to see what comes about. The articles are beautifully written. Here is an example: ‘The faintest smear of dawn to the East took an age to widen, but slowly there was a different intensity to the hour. A song thrush somewhere out towards Ashbeer lit a distant flare of song, like a blacksmith in the darkness at his forge. In this pre-twilight there was a wilderness to those repeated notes that could have come form the Australian outback or the Black Forest – this is what the vast darkness does...’ I think it might be an image of a bird or insect, or it might be simply a picture that reflects the mood contained within the writing. We talked about some of the creatures that might be illustrated, including the hares that are having a good year this year, and can be often seen in the fields around the village. I shall see where our collaboration takes us, and what sort of artwork may emerge.
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I think thats a really nice pieace Mike love the sketchiness and hit and miss of the wash, for me reading the article ,you can use your imagination to make your own picture and with your illustration you do the same, I can picture the fields he belongs in and it brings back memories of seeing the Hares in the fields still with morning mist on them, nice one Mike

Good stuff Mike, I think the texture really adds something, your friend should be pleased with this. John

Posted by John Kay on Tue 28 Jul 09:01:55