Exhibition at the Foxlowe cafe in Leek - Now back on until 30th August 2020

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Exhibition at the Foxlowe cafe in Leek - Now back on until 30th August 2020

My first exhibition ... that was postponed due to closures through the COVID pandemic is now back on until the end of August. 18 paintings are on display and more are in the gallery shop and also the Fox & Crowe along with a large selection of the work of other talented artists

I've spent the last few weeks, choosing, mounting, framing the work for this exhibition. I did not expect just how much effort has been required, and not just by me. Also I have entered, and had a picture accepted for the Patchings show so that needed mounting and framing. As well as this I have two paintings on size 30 canvas that I made and stretched myself (i give myself a 6 out of 10, but will get better with practice) to put together for the Buxton Spa competition in a couple of weeks. I have found that IKEA do a fantastic 50x70 frame for my A2 pictures called Silverh&humphit%$ugli or similar Ikeablurb for £10 a pop, bargain. Plus I now need to prepare for a 3 day plein air session in the Gower area. And, another thing I have a spot (i think a whole room) in the Three Counties Open in July so I will need to do it all over again. On top of this I have my full time job and most importantly my family life to balance. My question "How on Earth do I find the time to paint??"


Also on the Foxlowe Web page ... http://www.foxloweartscentre.org.uk/justin-twigg/

Thank you for your input everyone. I have had a phone call to say one has sold already so I need to get another one framed as soon as I can, only I'm off training and assessing Duke of Edinburgh groups over the next few weekends so I'll have to squeeze it in somehow.

Congratulations Justin, I hope all your hard work pays off with a sell out!

Well done Justin and congratulations. Good luck with all your exhibitions.

Well done, Justin. Congratulations on Patchings

Well done Justin for all your efforts... I went through a time like this and yes it isn’t easy. But then nothing worth while ever is. Fingers crossed for Patchings for you, several people who are on P O L are involved this year.

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