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Easel Rider

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Easel Rider ...sun, at last !!. I had a great day painting using my 'bike easel' on Saturday. It was the busiest day of the year and Bath was buzzing. I painted the wonderful view of the Roman Baths exit through the Columns opposite and including some magnificent flower baskets (yours I should think). I also gave out loads of flyers for 'Painting Day' classes. I also talked to alot of fellow painters and bikers but none which did both. Ideally i would like to meet other 'easel riders' or 'painter bikers' and set up The Association of Artists on Bikes' to travel to other amazing Cities like Bath and bring back works of art. Anyone interested let me know at [email protected] I'm hoping to get a stall soon however will need to get some paintings printed as not many tourists have hundreds of pounds to throw at fine art.
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Thanks Tim, Himself & I are going to try to attend your book launch too. He's a photographer and chases the steamers. See you at Patchings.

Hi Maureen, thank you for your kind comments, I'll pass them back to the group Tim

I went to view your group's exhibition at Kirby Bellars today and was suitably impressed. Enjoyed refreshments in the village hall and visited the church which had more paintings on display. Thanks to the whole group, I'd like to have been able to join but an hours journey each way would be just too much. Hope that you manage to attract more members soon. I too enjoy sketching outdoors. I often attend outdoor events like brass band concerts, try to find a corner seat near the back of the audience and sketch people, mostly head & shoulders. Some spoil sports will, if they notice what you are doing, will get up and leave. Others will show interest and come over to see whayou've made of them. ~ Roundabouts & Swings.

There is, with the rare exception of the environs of 'Her Majesties Holiday Camps' & Military Bases NO Law to prevent you from taking any photograph of any scene or any person in any public place...[though this includes unaccompanied children, I would advise against it]...the Copyright is the image that you capture...not the scene in-front of you...It is different in say a shopping mall which is owned by a company...but even here provided that you cause no obstruction and it is for non-commercial purposes...then there should be no problem....always find the little jobsworth and explain first...perhaps?...Takes chip out of the camera swiftly...and fires off four shots...just to show...if a challenge seems likely....

I don't often paint on location but last weekend I decided to take photos of some of the beautiful old buildings and views in our villages so went out in the car with my camera. I got stopped 3 times and asked what I was doing.No one was offended but all were suspicious. Seems you can't even take a photo of a view these days. No wonder Google street view has had so many complaints.

What fun this is to read your comment Tim ! I am always frightened to be told off for sketching someone little corner but very often people feel very proud that their patch has caught an artist's eye. Your stories reminds me of a few years back when I went to Sandwich a very beautiful town in Kent. I arrived early morning. I quickly sketched what I wanted. Then a group of ladies artists arrived at the same spot with their easels etc......... Little did they know that it was a parking. Within half an hour the cars started to arrive and they had to pack up all their equipment. I felt really sad for them.

Goodness you made me laugh all true...I have a small piece of metal in my back and carry a letter to the effect but the last time we had a holiday in Bali I had to walk through the beepy arch thing about 6 times because I kept setting it off even though I had just walked away from the baggage inspectors and the security guard was standing listening when I presented the letter...and that was at Perth Airport on the way to Bali...now Bali didn't bother me thinks they should have...I somehow think I would have ended up in a lovely Bangkok Hilton if they had bothered...which is why I carry a letter...Maureen the only reason that Tim got anything from his Farmer was out of sheer relief...the Lakelanders are a dour lot I know I live with 2 of them and have had many visits from family-in law members...they are all like bookends...our next trip is to London to troll the galleries and museums so Hubby tells me...but that will be after my poor old dog pops her clogs...separation anxiety what we do for the love of our animals...thanks for that Tim needed a good laugh

Last time I was in Cartmel, sketching,I sat in the middle of the village all morning and didn't see a soul until I moved on to the car park by the racecourse where people park cars in the most inconvenient places like, between the artist and her/his subject. N0-one offered me anything not even a good afternoon. Weren't you the lucky one?

At least you have not let all these events put you off creating art in public places! What I find really annoying about international travel is that all my equipment can go in hand luggage except the pencil sharpner as its a "blade"... Scapels I can understand but pencil sharpners?

Fortunately, whenever I have painted plein air - which isn't often, I haven't had such eventful experiences. It certainly is an interesting read and made me chuckle.

I have few problems with the mini-digital camera [ sort of a pack of cards size...easily concealed in the palm of the hand...not even a lens poking out]...flash off...snap snap snap & snap again & keep moving...in 'sensitive areas' a picture over The Memsahib's [TM]shoulder while sneaking in a quick clinch...I don't have the bottle to do the artist at large in the environment thing...the TM would not put-up with art-gear on holidays either...20Kg. to include 5Kg. hand luggage...