when things go wrong

I truly like my vegetables but I really don't want them in my paintings. Yes folks I am talking about the dreaded Cauliflowers. The last couple of paintings I have done they have appeared. I have tried working quicker preparing my washes before I start they turn up. I have tried leaving each wash to dry before I put on another wash and there they are again I have even taken to leaving a couple of days in between but they are still appearing. I know we are constantly told we must try for five portions a day and I do try to comply with that request but I don't want my portions in my Paintings!!!!
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Thanks for all your comments Patsy - my you were busy. I was in Perth a few years ago - before I started painting otherwise I might have taken a few more photos.

My god i'm hoping to post some in the new year and i'm a novice at this sort of stuff...i'm of to find your work now Stan have a wonderful xmas

Hi Stan....sorry for not replying to your blog comment sooner. I know what you mean about having to remember peoples names etc. I'm afraid it's put me off writing another blog, as I don't have the time to be searching all over the place. It's nice to see other artists work though and I will keep posting and looking. Off to look at yours now CheersPat

I had this problem, the younger members of the grandchildren flock , pointed out there is ABC Check on the Google bar...for spellings

Oh and would it be rude to request a spell checker - I have just read my last post and I ain't going to delete it!

I have just typed answers to everyone but then just tried to locate my galley again and ....... So I have to start again LOL (lots of laughs Thea (or some interpret it as lots of love)LOL). Thanks for the link Phil but I'll take a look when I have finished this or I'll lose it again. I have navigagted to my own gallery (portfolio?) by following the links, although these don't exactly shout "click me". I was meaning to answer some other peole's points but I can only see three now and am scared to roll back in case I lose this again! Anyway, sorry if I managed to create more confusion than I intended. AS I say the site holds much potential for me and there seems to be a nice crowd hanging around in here. If I could make a suggestion to the powers that be, it would be really good to be able to click onto the name of the person who left a comment and be transported to their Introduction (or profile). There we might usefully have access to their gallery (or portfolio), blog and forum name (maybe even access to their latest posts). And, of course, to return to whence we started. HELLO? Now to try and find me gallery again. Sorry if it's a bit naff, especially if you had to fight your way there. Will try to do better!

Here is Stan's browser link for his gallery...

Glad you asked the question Thea ! As for reading all the comments, I cannot stop laughing, it just sounds like if everybody is in a maze and cannot find the door ! I too could not find your gallery Stan !

Glad you are getting nice comments - gives one a warm fuzzy glow - doesn't it! One thing - and you'll probably be amazed at my ignorance, but what does LOL mean? I see on on loads of posts and have never know what it stands for.

You are currently on page 25....try contacting the forum administrators...they are usually very clued up...the trouble is perhaps that this site is growing and spreading rapidly...Stan If you join the forum then you can put a link oi place that will get people from the forum to your blog or your gallery directly...[see mine Meltemi, in the forum]...

Thanks Phil. Maybe there is a help desk somewhere?

IF the search does not work go to page number 26? Stan's work is found in the "S" page...

I can't find you to reply Judith. My portfolio is under my name. The email reply was not all that helpful. I'll try to get improvements if I can. There ought to be an item in the forum to discuss this. Stan

Hi Stan I can't find your paintings under Stan Blagden - Are they under another name? Judith

Hi Stan I know what you mean. If I make a comment or ask for more info I have to remember exactly the name of the artist so that I can check for the answer. And I have to do that quite often or I miss the answer. It would be great if we could somehow get the reaction per e-mail. I have just chanced on your blog and will now look at your paintings. ( With comments!) Cheers Judith Laux

Thanks for the helpful comments Val and I'm glad you finally managed to get to my portfolio or Gallery Phil. I have dropped a line to the site administrators about the difficulties - see what comes back, if anything. The concept looks good and interesting people here.

Copied "Stan Blagden" into the gallery search box it normally works...but not this morning...

Welcome to this part of the site..agree with Val's to find your gallery...

Hi Stan, it's not easy is it. On the gallery page go to the bottom left hand side under the random gallery listings and click on " Browse all user galleries". At the top of the next page appears "Search by users name". Type in the person you're looking for and hopefully they should appear. Hope this makes sense and helps, regards Val. PS just checked out your gallery and agree with the comments left. Excellent drawing skills. ( Sorry, will now go and leave a comment in the correct place ! )