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Artists block

A discussion about artists block and how we overcome it

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I have to first of all say that I'm not in the habit of writing a Blog, in fact, it is completely alien to me but here goes. Recently I have had a dry patch with art, not knowing what to draw/paint and on what surface. I'm foremost a painter in oils, but what the hell, at this moment in time I'm just coming out of my 'artists block' so anything goes. Don't worry, I'm not going to bother you with how his so called 'dry patch' happened. The aim is to inform you of how I overcome this 'artists block' I started by reading art books you know the type, how to draw and how to paint, all very useful' but what do I have to show for this, three dozen books all collecting dust! All very useful and I can recommend any of the book as a starting point. Each book, with the exception of the book 'Oil Painting Course' by Alwyn Crawshaw. In most I found that they all gave good advice but you end up drawing or painting in the author's style. The publication Oil Painting Course gave me a number pointers, pointers that started my curiosity for oils again. Of course one need to first pick a subject, and I do not find still life or landscapes interesting. City and village scape's, figure with portraits I like. The book that really got me back to the easel was written by Robert Henri called 'The Art Sprit', This book is now the most read in my extensive library. First thing was drawing and more drawing. I did this using 1950's film clips plenty of reference material available online along with my own personal photographs of friends. The paper I used in these drawings was usually oil paper and watercolour paper. All drawing completed as if ready to paint as this was my style in the past so, I decided to stick with it. How did you overcome 'artists block', it would be nice to know? In later blogs I will look at art on YouTube is it good or bad advice or just artists showing off?


I am at the beginning, I started painting on canvas a few years ago but then I stopped only after a few months because I had neither the desire to paint nor inspiration in doing it. I have started again only now, after 5 years, and for inspiration, I'm often looking at the paintings of my favorite painters and paintings by new painters. I too am afraid to paint like them but I am trying to understand what I really love most. For example, I prefer landscapes, dancers, horses and abstracts, so I will focus on these subjects trying to make them with a technique that suits me. I watched some YouTube videos and it helped me and now I'm trying the techniques on paper, starting with the techniques my favorite painters used.

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