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Art Marketing Tips

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Hi Maureen hope all of your plans are going well...Nana's almost there now feeling much better and beginning to drive me up the wall again...trouble is our night in emergancy has given me pneumonia and I don't want it...I'm rattling with tablets, syrup and painkillers which help keep the temp Phil would say burger...I hate being sick it gets in the way dosn't it and leaves you with no choice but to rest and I'm a bit like you I like to be on the go...Doc recons about a month before I'll be 100%...still hopefully get some time for painting whilst I'm resting

Hi Maureen thanks for your thoughts for Nana...she has pneumonia...yes she drives me up the wall but I don't want to lose her she's the only real Mother I have are certainly busy I wish we had a busy art scene over here like you have...glad you have your building for a while...just let me know if you need any protest I'll be on the computer emailing them

Hi Maureen bet you are busy again...had a White Knuckle ride in an ambulance with all lights and sirens tonight with Mum-in-Law who took ill quite suddenly today...I left the story on my blog...we hope she will come out of this one but it's different I've never known her to be confused...anyway she's safe in hospital and the Dr will ring me in the morning after they do all of their tests...tired out now so a little relax and bed I think

Marmite not as GF [Gluten-Free] as the less salty Bovril also cram-packed with B vitamins...the burgers love the taste of it and me...but for the first-time in 17 years we were under attack from a flock of 50+ Swifts hovering the patio airspace [definitely fewer of the burgers flying today]...absolutely magic...I have not experienced this since a child...stand zooms past the knees, another the face, another at chest level, in-front & behind me...

I love Marmite and I'm prepared to eat it daily if it keeps the mozzies away...congratulations on selling a painting straight off the easel...lovely cocky Cockerel

Insect repellent Phil. Well I do get bitten occasionally although, since I started having Marmite on my toast / crackers etc., it doesn't happen so often. You either love it or you hate it. They (insects), must really hate it.

There again no camera, glad you had a good day...Insect repellent? We are being bitten...