Accomplishments in lockdown

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Accomplishments in lockdown

Lockdown has been a life changing experience but has made us all accomplish something new

I started at the beginning of lockdown really thinking how was it possible to get better at anything? Well I never thought I’d write blogs or publish my work on here nor do as much art as I have. I never have been good at watercolours then I was always listening to the wrong people all my life even my health. I can’t run like I used to as I hammered it with eating disorders and negative beliefs over my weight and image. I got over it just never wanted to step back in a gym incase I restarted the cycle. It’s the same with my art I had horrible experiences that meant I couldn’t paint at all i got irritated by those telling me I’m either going to get something out of it or I’m not. Tired of been told not to quit I’d already given up. My whole world was crushed. First thing I did was speak to a fitness coach online and she inspired me to be strong and lean not weak and skinny. Weight lifting i once frowned upon is my new medicine. Then I had just bought new art materials and did different things not the old habits I had completely flipped it all around doing experiments and doing it my own way. It’s slowly starting to work it all will take more time and practice but I’ve learnt you need to give yourself as much time as you need to heal and not be hard on yourself as if it takes years it doesn’t matter. You can’t do anything in life without having any experience first. I feel coming out the lockdown we all would’ve learnt something new.


I can empathize with your struggle. My world crashed and burned when I lost my Mum 2016. I couldn't paint anymore. I was frustrated, upset and angry with myself, I would never be able to paint again. I tried continually wasting more and more paper ( I did however recycle ) I had lost myself, my abilities my imagination and inspiration. I was so fed up with people telling me it will come back, you will paint again. In Jan 2020 I was lucky enough to get a place on a course locally, now I just needed to get myself there...this was a struggle suffering with panic attacks depression, anxiety and fear of large groups, I was afraid to go. I knew if I didn't I would never paint again I needed help. I pushed myself and attended there were only about 10 in the class so I was ok but withdrawn, I do keep myself to myself and don't mingle much but hopefully this will come. Then I was offered a place at Open Arts studio, I had been before but broke my foot and was unable to continue that was 5 years ago. Feeling more positive this time and knowing that there would only be a few Students I went Feb 2020. I was given a lovely welcome from Jo the manager this set me up for my painting. Lovely people. I continued painting at last. Unfortunately after attending both courses for only a few weeks the pandemic attacked us all. So I am now on lockdown in my bedroom. For the first Month I again was unable to paint I was overwhelmed by what was happening I'm high risk so my son put me in isolation straight away. The anniversary of my Mum passing came in May my life again shut down, I was deverstated upset and the only thing that had always kept me sane was my paintings I was lost. 1 week after those unhappy sad days I watched a watercolour Artist demo and at last managed to get nearly the whole painting done. I was again doing what I love again and paintings I got my mojo back at last. I have done quite a few since and gotten some great comments that inturn made me more confident and happy, of course I still have days when I'm unable to function sleeping through most of it but at least I can now be creative and know I hopefully won't have to wait years again. Be safe and kind to yourself

Well done Vanessa! Very inspired by your story! Keep going!

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