A pictorial alphabet of favourite places around England – M for Mellor

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A pictorial alphabet of favourite places around England – M for Mellor

A pictorial alphabet of favourite places I've sketched and painted around England

Three Chimneys Cobden Edge Mellor sml auto

Mellor is a hilltop village standing at 220 metres above sea level and looks like a typical Peak District moorland village. In fact it lies just outside the Peak District boundary and is in Greater Manchester. St. Thomas’ church has been rebuilt several times since the 8th century and holds the oldest wooden pulpit (14th century) in Britain, possibly the world, and a 12th century font. An Iron Age hill fort is the subject of a long-standing archaeological dig, which has found evidence of activity on the site as long ago as 8000 BC ! Mellor Moor overlooks the Cheshire Plain and the feature I love is the way substantial stone houses and farms seem to be right on the edge, a feeling I tried to convey in my painting of “Three Chimneys”. This is a cattery and the owner bought my painting.


Thank you both for those encouraging comments, The sky's the easiest part, Graham, I never spend more than 3 minutes on a sky, wet in wet, cobalt and light red mixes ready and a big squirrel mop then let the water do the work. After all what are clouds made of?!

David I’ve been following with interest your series of alphabetical places and keep meaning to comment, so don’t think people aren’t looking! You’ve given us an excellent selection of picturesque scenes and I especially like your great knowledge of the places and their history. Keep it up!

Excellent composition and the use of contre jour lighting. Very much like the sky as well.

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