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Watercolour Pans

How do I prevent damage to my paints due to mould in watercolour pans during rainy or humid weather?


Ask Jacksons: I have a question about taking care of watercolour pans during humid and rainy days. How to prevent my paints from damage due to moulds during such weather? 


Most watercolours contain an anti-fungal agent to prevent mould from growing, so it would require an extremely humid climate for this to be an issue. However, watercolours and other water-based paints may be susceptible to growing mould if certain conditions occur. Mould thrives in dark, warm and moist environments, so the first thing we would recommend is letting your pans dry before closing the lid of your palette or watercolour tin. Keeping your watercolour pans in the fridge would be an additional step to keep mould at bay and if it is a persistent problem, consider using tubed watercolours and dispensing the paint as required. 


Watercolour pans




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