Su Moody

160212 Su in Selfridges


I've never been an artist - I can't draw and I can't get on with watercolours. A while ago I moved to a new village where a neighbour suggested I go along to a local art group to meet people. I felt really intimidated, especially starting with coloured pencils. A few months in we had an acrylics workshop where we were presented with the outline of a young boy's portrait. It was the first time I'd used acrylics (they were great) and my first ever portrait (it was so-so). However that brief foray was enough for me to be bitten by the bug. I have only been painting since late 2018, and am a totally self-taught amateur, but I'm loving it, and have introduced a couple of friends to acrylics too. Taking the step to put my art, not only in public but on a website, is a huge step. Onward and upward!