Diane Schofield


Colour, shape, pattern are the stuff of life to me, I always carry a sketchbook and will stop anywhere to make a line drawing of whatever catches my eye. Elements of those drawings appear in my paintings at some point but aren't ever a complete work in themselves, they are more like notes that hang about the place till I need them. I carry a camera too but don't use the results to work from, with one exception, Bubble Girl is the only painting I have ever made from a photograph. Now, all of that was true until about 5 years ago when everything ground to a halt. A life long painter I've pretty much painted my way through every brick bat life had to offer me until 5 years ago when severe depression arrived on my doorstep. Sadly it hasn't moved on but I have so, here I am about to re-establish my studio and dust off my paintbrushes. Happy days.