Joanne Cotton


I started painting with soft pastels in January 2014. I haven't painted for about 25 years before that, but I have always loved art, collected art, and visit museums when I can. My grandmother was an artist, and my aunt was an art teacher. So I guess the love of art is in my genes. I am very happy I have returned to painting because it is somewhere I really want to be right now and it is something that has been lurking in my soul for years, longing to get out and onto some paper. The last year has been an enormous learning experience and I'm just painting what I see - I have yet to develop a specific style. I don't have an agenda, just want to paint. Soft pastels are very inspiring, forgiving, hold rich and luscious pigment, and are velvety and nice and messy! I love 'em! Bring on the journey!!