Alan Benton


I am passionate user of acrylics. I am an associate of isAp (international society of Acrylic painters.) For me acrylic is the only medium that's capable of the widest range of approaches and techniques. It stimulates a creative and free thinking way of working. It's versatility is the perfect vehicle to allow a no boundaries approach. Although I've had some academic training in art, I am mainly self taught. I am familiar with oils and watercolour but my personal endeavours have left me partnered to acrylics. The advancements in this media are always improving and keep opening up new channels. I find myself drawn to En-plein air these days and my work is heavily influenced by this way of working. Painting this way demands a direct response and spontanious reaction to light and the surroundings. The atmosphere and natural light adds a quality to your work that is seldom found in the studio. The method contrasts heavily with the studio painting and creates work that is dictated by the obvious need for speed and spontanious methods this employs adding excitement to my final work.

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