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Tone Elisabeth Halling Norway

Tone Elisabeth



I am a more or less self taught as an artist, but have taken various courses and classes in drawing and painting. Growing up in a small rural hamlet in the East of Norway, I was continuously drawing and sketching as a child, and have always had a fascination for faces, people and atmospheres. I have continued drawing and painting throughout the years, but due to coincidences and circumstances chose to study music instead of art. Have spent most of my free time painting, but have recently taken up painting seriously again. I primarily work in acrylics, and draw inspiration from own and old family photos, music, fleeting ideas, memories, dreams and atmospheres. I am particularly preoccupied with colour nuances. People have so far been my predominant motives, and I try to capture the expressivity and sensibility of faces and gestures. I am also fascinated by abstract colour composition and have recently started experimenting with abstract composition as well.

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