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Tessa Gwynne Gloucestershire, United Kingdom




I have returned to painting over the last few years having relocated from Cardiff to the Cotswolds in 2009 and joined the Guiting Power Art Group. Although I did a year's Foundation Course at art college after leaving school, I haven't painted much in the interim, except for a few attempts here and there. I am now retired and so able to give my painting more time. My favourite medium is oil and since 2015 I’ve also painted with Nigel Fletcher’s group at Sibford. I feel I’ve learned a lot more about tone, observation and composition since studying there. My plan for 2018 was to paint more en plein air, which I did and thoroughly enjoyed, and for 2019 looking forward to doing more of the same, also to try more sketching and to build up to more complex and larger paintings. I try to attain the feel and essence of the subject, rather than necessarily a one shot view.

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