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Ian Murray Somerset, United Kingdom




I love to experiment with different mediums, oils, acrylics, pastels on different surfaces and varying degrees of wetness. Recently painting with just cardboard strips - see my picture 'Early morning light' One day I hope I will be able to find a style that works for me and stay with it. The comments and support from PO are very helpful in achieving my goal. One painting that has attracted over 1000 views ‘View Ham Hill’ has made me look at my work and evaluate paintings that I had previously dismissed. I am often inspired by another artists styles, Spanish painter Sorolla; his work inspired my depictions of temperature. For my style, I take much inspiration from James Hart Dyke and on PO Dennis Roberts. Their skill is conveying the subject with minimum detail yet creating a wonderful picture. I attended Medway College of Art and started my career in advertising and design. After many years of running my own design practice and then attending weekend courses at Wimbledon College of Art under the tutor Tony Rothon, and at Chelsea College of Art, I have finally circled back to art. I enjoying teaching, one to one or local art groups where I cover topics such as composition, perspective and using acrylics. I am currently building a stock of work for an exhibition at the end of this summer. I live in Somerset and have access to Somerset Art Weeks.

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