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David Harrison Suffolk, United Kingdom




Following on from Art school I have been painting for approximately 40 years . My work is influenced by the forests,parks,rivers and farmland surrounding my home in Brandon,Suffolk.The landscape is forever changing as the seasons come and go .I am always looking to find order within an apparent disorder in nature. I find it amazing the way nature adapts to a harsh winter and then recovers to bring fresh growth in spring . Drawings are made on paper using charcoal ,graphite,conte crayon,pastel and coloured pencil.I love drawing especially with charcoal on different textured paper.I particularly like the way the medium can be precise and ambiguous at the same time. My paintings are made with Oil or Acrylic on canvas or in the case of gouache I paint on heavy weight textured paper. Weather and time permitting I prefer to paint outdoors ,the main challenge is the way the light quickly changes and of course flies,wind rain and the occasional dog can be a problem.

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    It is wonderful to get feedback on art work as artists I feel we need a lot of encouragement It is a solitary existence .However so rewarding at times that is when all goes well.Most of the time its a roller coaster of emotions but we keep trying to get it right and thats the secret i feel, perseverance This passion will I feel lead to more creative work....I hope.

    Posted on 9 Jan 2016

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