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Mark Kearney Middlesex, United Kingdom




I did art at school, achieved an 'O' level. Since then only done art for my pleasure, never had any other lessons or training. I'm now 59, I've always drawn and painted, but have found "you Tube" to be a great learning tool. I know feel able to place some of my work on display here. I use Airbrush and paint brush to paint with Acrylic, I tried oils, but didn't really like the smell, or the time it took to dry, I got a couple of free tubes of Liquitex Acrylic, and haven't looked back. I also use pencil, and markers. Started with pro-markers, which are great, but once I tried a copic marker, I have become addicted to them, and have spent way too much, and have way too many colours, well! actually not enough would be more truthful. Hope you like what you see. I would like to sell a painting one day, you never know, weirder things have happened.

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